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CEO Message

Growing together everyday

Over the past seven years, Bloom Holding has transformed and enriched the lifestyle of its customers by building distinctive integrated communities, providing premium education close to home, offering luxury hospitality and easing and embellishing day-to-day living with facilities management and landscaping services.

We move from strength to strength with a key question driving us: How do we fulfill the needs and aspirations of our customers?

Looking at our projects, achievements, future plans and strategies in this corporate portfolio, it is impossible to account for our significant pace of growth without the unwavering trust placed in Bloom by our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our team’s integrity and professionalism, time and again, have helped us achieve the stellar goals we have set for ourselves.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to our partners for their continued trust, guidance and collaborative efforts in helping us develop our project portfolio and shape exceptional communities where everyone feels at home.

Our Story

Since our establishment in 2007, Bloom Holding has risen with bold momentum. Bloom entered the market during a relatively volatile period, poised for challenges and enduring stiff competition. Fueled by team spirit, openness, and transparency, our distinguished product quality and service set us apart

Bloom Properties has grown and launched multiple new projects, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, since 2015. This has established Bloom Properties as being one of the few Abu Dhabi developers to venture successfully into Dubai with mid-market offerings.

Simultaneously, Bloom Education has steadily made its mark with best-in-class partnerships, with MindChamps Nurseries opening in Abu Dhabi and more to come in the region, Dwight School opening in Dubai and Brighton College having opened three schools, in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. Hospitality will offer 630 guest rooms including 128 executive apartments including notable projects such as the Marriott Hotel Downtown Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Edition Hotel. Bloom Healthcare has recently partnered with HealthPlus Clinic, a network of highly specialized outpatient centers in Abu Dhabi, set to launch in Bloom Gardens in 2018. B.FM has grown with comprehensive customized solutions in facilities management. Most recently, Bloomscape, with extensive landscaping and contracting services, is an exciting new addition to our expansive list of services.

Growing with strong roots

Over the years, our team has gotten bigger and our strategies have evolved, yet an essential aspect remains unchanged – the driving force of our success: Our people’s passion.

Our transparent internal communication and strong sense of belonging naturally extends outward to our customers. We are keen to address your needs before they arise.


Our focus remains one of ensuring happy experiences and reassurance at your new home – just like family.

With that sentiment in our hearts, under Sameh Muhtadi’s visionary leadership since 2014, we have witnessed a rapid pace of development: Sales quadrupled with a 300% growth in revenue over one year in 2016.

Underlying this expansion is Sameh’s conviction: “When you design and provide exactly what the customer desires, when they desire it and where, prosperity will follow.”

New Directions

International growth and presence are key factors in our upcoming projects. With tremendous opportunities in the region for healthcare and education, we have set our sights on regional diversification into untapped markets.

In Education, we partnered with premium brands such as Dwight School in Dubai and MindChamps Nursery in Abu Dhabi. .

In healthcare, a new ophthalmology hospital with Barraquer out of Spain in Dubai is on the horizon, and a retreat focused on wellness in Abu Dhabi.

For Bloom Properties, our path is international, with new projects in the US, and Europe, while our Facility Management team is intent on expanding its operations into Jordan.



As we strive to enrich your life through exceptional service, we find ourselves more fulfilled.


We aim to keep the flame of innovation burning by embracing and nurturing new ways of doing things.


We consistently set the bar high so we can jump higher.


With honesty at the heart of our work, you can rely on us to fulfill our promises.


You can only feel at home if we do – that’s why we value our teammates as much as we value ourselves.


We commit to the pursuit of continually delighting customers and stakeholders. Your satisfaction defines our success.