Leading positive transformations

“We seize every opportunity and go to extraordinary lengths to create the most valuable experiences for all our stakeholders. We are a mindful company that stands for positive transformations.” Sameh Muhtadi, CEO Bloom Holding

Constant agility, robust growth

“Our ever-growing momentum comes from constant agility and sensitivity to market needs” Saed Arekat, Chief Financial Officer

Enduring Best-in-class Partnerships

“Our lasting relationships with world-renowned establishments in education and hospitality succeed because we ensure true alliance of values and direction” Henning Fries, CEO Bloom Education

Corporate Governance is our priority

“We have rigorous measures for corporate governance in place, so we constantly satisfy our shareholders. Success is not real unless it is shared” Brent Baldwin, Chief Legal Officer

Shaping our developments with passion

“At the core of all our developments, lies a fiery passion for design. You can see it, feel it and sense it - the moment you walk in” Rami Hreiki, Chief Development Officer

United with the nation in prosperity

“By aligning our goals and strategies with UAE’s magnanimous vision for 2021 and 2030, we are set to play a significant part in its realization” Obaid Al Shuwaihi, Director of Government Relations