Jan 4, 2022

Reasons To Buy or Rent a Townhouse in Bloom Gardens, Abu Dhabi

Located on the eastern mangrove corniche in Abu Dhabi and boasting a Mediterranean ambience and western European-inspired architecture, Bloom Gardens is the ideal place to call home.

Read on for the top reasons why Bloom Gardens is Abu Dhabi’s most premier residential community.


6 Reasons To Buy or Rent a Townhouse in Bloom Gardens

1. Security

Bloom Gardens is an exclusive gated community that benefits from 24-hour security to ensure that residents, and their homes, are safe and secure at all times. The community is home to 457 beautifully designed villas and townhouses and cobblestone lanes that are reminiscent of traditional Mediterranean villages. The design of the community, combined with top security measures, will provide residents with peace of mind, in addition to a superior lifestyle.

2. Rich Ambience

The community seamlessly blends nature with beautiful architecture to add to the rich Mediterranean ambiance with planted gardens, colorful flower bushes and shrubs, and grassy green areas positioned throughout the community.

3. Varied Options

This elegant community provides a wide range of townhouses and villas, with various designs, types and sizes that are suitable for new, growing or large families alike.

Our homes are in keeping with the Mediterranean theme that is apparent throughout the whole community. We are committed to delivering chic exteriors inspired by the charm of traditional Spanish and Italian architecture; and classy interiors that provide a generous amount of space.

4. Outstanding Amenities

Bloom Gardens has a large number of state-of the-art amenities and facilities including: a modern gym, clubhouse, pool and barbecue areas. Furthermore, Bloom Gardens also boasts a highly convenient shopping mall and male and female praying halls.

5. Convenient Location

Our community boasts a close proximity to the ministries’ complexes and the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. Moreover, the community is situated nearby top educational institutions including the prestigious Brighton College and MindChamps nurseries.

6. Jubilant Lifestyle

Bloom Gardens provides a superior living experience by combining charming natural surroundings, with world-class facilities and a great location that provides easy access to important transport links. The community will provide residents with the opportunity to experience a luxurious lifestyle whilst also enjoying a vibrant community experience in which the entire family can thrive.

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