May 16, 2020

Brokerage Solutions to Get Ahead in the Real Estate Game

Give your real estate brokerage business in Dubai a boost in 2020 by equipping yourself with industry knowledge and some effective strategies to get ahead in the real estate game:

Master the Fundamentals

By providing exceptional customer service and going the extra mile to make your clients feel valued, you create loyal and long-lasting relationships that drive referrals, guarantee great business and strengthen the health and depth of your business relationship. Another way to attract new clients, stay in touch with your existing clientele, and maintain your reputation as trusted broker using your social media pages effectively.

Sending regular email updates to clients on available properties in the market, and sending out a weekly newsletter on interesting local developments in the real estate market are some simple ways to communicate better with your clients. Social media offers great opportunities to engage your customers. Keep your clients and social media followers informed of latest real estate market news and updates, offer them some helpful lifestyle tips and solutions, market new listings, provide the latest community and industry updates, and change any negative perceptions or answer any questions your followers might have by sharing content across your various social media accounts.

Identify the Right Technology Solutions

Regardless of whether you have a good experience in the real estate industry or have just taken a big leap into the world of realtors, you should embrace the exciting possibilities of technology and learn how to be more comfortable with leveraging technological innovations in your everyday workflow. Relying on technology implies using gadgets such as smartphones, laptops and iPads to fulfill your day-to-day activities. The utility of gadgets with mobile technology to carry out all the tasks in both the personal and business realms, whether at work, in the field or on-the-go, is important to drive continuous growth.

Other emerging technological innovations include the use of augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence make it easy to sell a property. Get real-time interactions with your clients by using a CRM software, which enables you to automate reminders and keep track of the last time you spoke with clients, any properties they own, lease rates. This information will help you make an instant connection with your clients. Also, leveraging software applications on your smartphone or tablet computer and get more done in less time. AroundMe, Periscope, Spotio are some multifunctional apps real estate professional can use to manage their day-to-day activities.

Virtual Tours & Walk-Throughs for Property Showing

Virtual tours aren’t new, but not all agents have them for their listings as part of their marketing efforts. Virtual tours are especially helpful during the coronavirus pandemic when in-person showings to potential buyers are limited.

With a 360° viewing or any other type of virtual reality home staging tour (such as virtual photo gallery, 3D real estate tour, video tour, and interactive floor plan tour), a buyer can have a look around a wider presentation of multiple properties on a private showing, but without ever leaving their own home. They can also flip through pictures and/or videos and make a better decision. To create an immersive virtual tour or video walk-throughs of real estate properties, you need to commission a professional photographer and videographer to come to a property for sale and customize it with your branding.

Continue and Refine Your Market Research

Constantly seek primary and secondary research studies to develop a deep understanding of your clients and their perspective that may change over time depending on the market. You can help buyers visualize what their lives will be like moving into a certain neighbourhood or a property with granular real estate data on neighbourhood boundaries, locality information, local schools and healthcare facilities, lifestyle amenities, key community selling points highlighting the benefits of purchasing the property, and other market offerings. In addition, you can efficiently analyse the local property market with data covering property details, in-depth ownership information, pre-foreclosure & foreclosure property listing, and multiple listing service data and analytics.

These tips will not only help you get the most from your business in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, but also when you are planning for your business in the future. Get in touch with Bloom Properties to begin your real estate journey.

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